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So What Make's Pigskin Boss Different?

What We Do Today Without Pigskin Boss:

  • Listen to an expert from ESPN or Yahoo!
  • Reach out to one of your buddies not in your league asking for advice.
  • Read long articles searching for info relevant to your players.
  • Scroll through forum threads looking for help.
  • Post a forum thread hoping for replies.
  • Tweet or facebook experts for help.
  • E-mail or call into fantasy football show hoping the experts answer your question.

What Becomes Easier with Pigskin Boss:

  • Now there's a place to not just openly discuss your fantasy questions, but you're guaranteed hundreds of answers and personal advice.
  • Post a poll and get hundreds of perspectives on fantasy questions, instead of just one opinion.
  • Use the Accuracy Rating to know who historically gives good or bad advice, so you know when to listen or when to ignore advice.
  • Search your players' names and access only the content that matters to your team.
  • Get access to the other 27 million people who play fantasy and connect with those that have the same players.
  • Write your own sports articles or benefit from other up and coming experts.
  • Automatically import your roster from ESPN and Yahoo! so you no longer have to type out your entire team when asking for advice.
  • You deserve a place to talk fantasy football with those not in your league. We organize and track everything to make your life easier.