What's the main purpose of Pigskin Boss? Why should I sign up?

Pigskin Boss is the answer from the "what should I do" questions each week. This is not another fantasy website that tells you what to do. Pigskin Bosses make better decisions each week from an entire network rather than one opinion. Post polls, write your own articles, vote and earn a boss rating that separates opinion from expertise. Pigskin Boss is a destination to discuss what other sites are saying and collaborate to make better executive decisions.

How is Pigskin Boss different than every other fantasy football website?

Every fantasy football website operates under the same model. A paid staff of writers offer "expert" advice to the subscribers who use their advice to make decisions each week. It's a one way street of communication. Pigskin Boss is a network to take that information you learn from every other website, and make better executive decisions each week. Post a poll and base your decision from hundreds of votes. Find information relevant only to your team by searching articles about your players only. Use the boss rating scale to measure the advice you receive. The higher the accuracy rating, the better the advice.

How will it help me win my league?

When Regis's contestants had a million dollars on the line, they chose to ask the audience as their first lifeline. That's because it's easier to make decisions with the help of an entire group of supporters, rather than one opinion. The same rule applies at Pigskin Boss. The only difference is that polls are not a lifeline, they're a regularity. Pigskin Boss is the network to get you closer to winning that million dollar league.

How do I sign up?

Click the Sign Up button at the top of this website and complete the form provided. You will be sent an e-mail to validate that you are the boss, and will be taken to set up your new office upon confirmation.

Why should I listen to a regular fantasy football user when I could base my decisions on the expert opinions?

We get it. The "experts" have a lot at their disposal. Research teams, immediate injury updates and the luxury of spending their work week focused on providing you insider information. Pigskin Boss encourages you to continue to use your core website for weekly updates, but if the "experts" were always right, we'd win every game. When it comes down to making the right executive decision on game days, it takes much more than statistics. It requires gut instincts, further discussion and collaboration. Pigskin Boss is the place to make those better decisions and ultimately determine who the experts are based on their accuracy rating. The higher the rating, the better the advice.

How does the accuracy rating system work? Can I lose points?

The accuracy rating system is designed to help you know the difference between opinion and expertise. The higher the rating, the better the advice. Every interaction within the boss network adds to your accuracy rating. Every poll has an average boss rating that tells you the level of boss knowledge behind the votes. But some actions add more points and build your rating faster than others. Click here for the accuracy rating breakdown to learn what actions are more valuable than others.

What is the average accuracy rating one each poll?

The average accuracy rating listed on every poll simply takes the boss rating of every boss who votes on your poll, and averages the ratings together. This adds another element to help you make better decisions. For example, if your quarterback decision is a real toss up and the boss network votes pretty even, the average accuracy rating per each choice can be the final straw to help you make the right decision.

What if I have multiple teams? Can I import all of my teams?

Your office's "My Team" can only import one roster at this time. In the future, as Pigskin Boss adds more offices, adding multiple teams can be something added in. However, every boss has one league that is the most important. Start by importing that team, but utilizing the rest of the boss network to post polls and read/write 200 words on the decisions that may impact your other teams. True bosses never have just one thing going on. Use the boss network for the side projects as well.

How do I add or communicate with people in my boss network?

The first step to finding your true inner circle is to search for bosses that have the same players as you. Go to the bosses tab at the top and search for bosses with a corresponding player. Just like any front office, you will soon find bosses that share the same mentality. The top bosses are also always listed at the Bosses section as well if you want to follow the best. Every poll, article and office has a "Collab" button to instantly add that boss to your network for instant collaboration.

Where do my polls or articles go after I submit them? How do I help them get votes?

Once you submit a poll or article, your work is instantly posted to the Polls and 200 Words sections and your office. Each poll and article is sorted by position and easily searchable by player name making it easy for bosses with the same players to find and vote. Share each poll and 200 words with your friends to get more votes. The more votes your polls and articles receive, the faster they move to the top of each respective section - only getting you more exposure and votes from the entire boss network.


What is the Executive Assistant?

You are the boss. Every good boss needs a reliable executive assistant to update you on the latest activity within your boss network, player news and more.

Is there any cost to join?

There is no cost to become a boss.

How do I interact with other bosses?

Interact with your fellow bosses by creating polls, writing articles and commenting on each post to expand the discussion. Add bosses to your network that share your mentality or straight up know football. And most importantly, build your accuracy rating. Everyone wants to get a sit down with a boss who's climbing to the top.

What if I have technical issues? Who do I contact?

If you're experiencing any problems, contact help@pigskinboss.com, and we'll get to the bottom of it.