• The Insiders can’t answer all of your questions.
  • Most of your friends are your competition.
  • Stop sifting through pages of articles and forum threads.
  • Stop making decisions from one opinion.
  • Start collaborating with an entire boss network.
  • Start making better executive decisions.
  • Start winning more championships.

Get your questions answered.

  • Post polls and make decisions from an entire boss network rather than one opinion.
  • The higher the average accuracy rating, the better the advice.

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  • The football fan finally has a voice. Write your own articles, in 200 words or less, and showcase your expertise. Easily search by player or sort by position and read only the information relevant to your team. 

Earn respect. Get recognition.

  • The experts have access to injury reports and statistical analysis. A boss takes that information and form their own conclusions. Prove your expertise, and use the accuracy rating as a way to measure the advice you receive.