To the Rich Go the Spoils

We seem to all hear the drama that comes along with a player's contract - extensions, being underpaid, overpaid, holdouts, etc. But does the money a player makes directly correlate with his fantasy performance on the field? I say it does.

Football players are human. Humans are motivated by different things. We'd be silly to think that millions of dollars do not have an effect on a player's hunger to deliver on the field.

Pay Days: 1. Deangelo Williams - 5-years $43 mil. 2. Chris Johnson - 6 years $55.3 mil.

Hay Days: Matt Forte - Making $600,000 in 2011 on a contract year

Now it's up for discussion for whether or not you draft forte in 2012 after he gets paid (I personally lean toward not), but a guy being on a contract year adds another element that may tip the scales of who to like and get you to that next fantasy championship.

BUY contract years. SELL huge contracts.
  1. Too-Scott-to-Trott Posted 1757days ago

    Good point...I think it is also how the player handles his situation that means the most. Some are like Chris Johnson and bitch and moan...I don't know that we will see that out of Forte. Seems to me to embody the hard working blue-coller worker that represents the city he plays for...? I could be completely off base though since I thought Peyton Hillis was the same way and he sat out a game with a bruised ego (or soar throat) earlier this year.

  2. mstreeter06 Posted 1748days ago

    Completely agree. What about Bowe for next year?

  3. bossman7 Posted 1739days ago

    Add Fitzpatrick to that list.